Do you like solitaire, poker, or genealogy? Then give Family Tree Solitaire a try. The game will test your memory skills too as you try to build a family tree.

Family Tree Solitaire is a single player solitaire-like game, played with a deck of cards plus two jokers, where the object is to build a family tree and get a high score. Try to beat the computer's score too. Family extender cards let you grow your family, while divorce and death cards make your choices more difficult.

Enjoy a FREE game of Family Tree Solitiare now.

  • GAMEPLAY (the main rules)
  • -For detailed and full rules (pdf), see
  • -Build a family tree and try to top the 'score to beat'
  • -Form the best 5-card poker hand for each family (parents + children)
  • -3 through 10, Q or K can be children or spouses
  • -Select a single person to marry them to a 3-10, Q, or K
  • -Select a married couple to have a 3-10, Q, or K as a child
  • -2 added to a marriage grows the max from 3 to 5 children
  • -Ace on a marriage divorces the spouse
  • -A 3-10, Q or K is no longer living when a Jack is played on them
  • -Jokers can be played like 3-10, Q or K, but count as ANY card
  • -You get 10 points for each level of the family tree
  • -Q or K gets extra points if married and spouse is alive
  • -Point values are associated with the best poker hand for each family
  • -Note that 5 of a kind is not counted in Family Tree Solitaire";

©Ohnonm Games, Family Tree Solitaire. Designed and programmed by Richard S. Levine (

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