It's the future, and robots pack moving trucks using sensitive remote controls.
The robots recently broke down, so it's up to you to help a family move with an
odd collection of furniture and peculiar items.   Manipulate objects that
appear and pack them as tightly and efficiently as possible into the truck. 
Objects should be packed beyond, or mostly beyond, the packing line.

A variety of packing items are thrown into the truck by the movers.  It is up
to the player to select a packing item or items and use the on-screen controls
to pack them tightly past (or mostly past) the packing line -- which moves
according to the game selected.  There are 30 games you can play in Pack a Truck.
Games 1-4 consist of boxes and balls, while Games 5-6 include furniture and
odds and ends.  Games 7-18 are like 1-6, but the movers want you to pack
items tighter -- the line on the floor is moved.  Robot helpers in Games 19-24
try to assist, but they sometimes fail. In Games 25-30 hit toy planes with
packing items to wreck them and earn points.  Planes turn red when they are
almost destroyed.  Movers shake the truck in game 30.

Points are scored for every packing item that is behind (or mostly behind) the packing line.  Additional points are scored for tightly packing items (packing items that touch each other).  In general, the bigger the packing item, the more points that are scored for packing it.  Balls, capsules, and cylinders are worth a bit more than other
objects of the same size, because they tend to be harder to keep packed.
Destroyed planes are worth as much as or more than the largest packing item.

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